Like you, I spent a great deal of time writing a book only to find that no one in the Publishing Business wanted to read it. I was wasting my time and money sending my unsolicited manuscript to Publishers and Publishing Agents would not return my phone calls. Back then, I thought the hard part was writing my book not getting it published. Boy did that reality reach up and bite me in the ass.

It all fairness I could understand why Publisher’s are less willing to risk publishing a book from an unknown Author even if you could get them to read your book and even if they like it. I could only see two alternatives. I could put my Book in the bottom of my desk drawer or I could pay to have it published myself.. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the only people who would be making any money was the printer. You can do your own math, to know how many books you need to sell before you break even on your printing cost. How many additional books will you need to sell to cover the out of pocket expenses to sell your books?

You and I are not alone in this problem. Did you know a well known popular Author could not get a Publisher to read his first book and he could not find an Agent to represent him or his book. He ended up printing the book himself. Once he did, the Publishers were willing to pay top Royalties for his next book. But like you, I did not have $20,000 Dollars to do what he did and I do not know just how long it actually took him to sell his fist books. I would think that he could have sent his time more wisely and he could have written one or two other books during that same time he was acting as a bookstore clerk.

Time is money. Time is perhaps on of the most precious commodities in a writer’s life and he is wasting his time, when he is acting as a salesman. You have already put your time in writing your Book and now you are being forced to spend more time and money just to let people know you exist and you have the Book they have been looking for, Writers need to spend their time writing and let the Publishers do what they do. But what choice do you have until you become an established Author? This all came back to finding a better “key” to unlock the door that was preventing me from getting my book Published and letting the Public know where they can buy a copy of my book.

The alternative I found to receiving another rejection notice was a new Electronic Publishing company called I Mark Publishing Inc and they were willing to let the Public decide just how good my Book really was. This Publishing Company Website is hosted by Go Daddy and they will Publish your Book in both Electronic Text and the popular Audio Book format.

It does not cost you anything to Publish your Book on the I Mark Publishing Inc Website if you already have you Book Copyrighted. You will need to protect your Book with a US Copyright anyway. There is a Library of Congress Copyright fee and one for your Book’s ISBN number. A Copyright usually takes 4 to 6 months but I Mark Publishing Inc will Publish your Book and you can start receiving money while your Copyright is still pending as your Book is protected on the Company’s Copyrighted Website

I Mark Publishing Inc will only make money when you make money. There are no Membership, Registration or Publishing fees and best of all you will not receive another Publisher’s Rejection Notice on your Book. To get started, “Log on” the I Mark Publishing Inc Website and go to the Publish your Book page. Complete all the basic information and then simply push the “Send Button” on the bottom of the page. An I Mark Punishing Company Representative will contact you and discus the details of Publishing your Book.

If you wish to publish your Book, you will receive a copy of the Publishing Agreement that guarantees your Royalty Percentage on every Book sold. The Publishing Agreement is easy to read and understand. Each Book you Publish is covered in a separate Publishing Agreement. Once your Book has been Published you will receive a monthly statement of the Number of Books sold along with your Royalty payment based upon the terms and conditions in the Publishing Agreement. The accounting period runs from the first day to the last day of each month. After the end of the calendar year, you will receive an IRS 1099 Form for all Royalty’s that are paid to you on your book’s sales.

How much money can you make on your Book? Normal Royalties on traditional paper Published books are between 7 to 12% but Electronic Publications do not have the high upfront cost of printing books that might not sell. With these lower costs and reduced risks, they can afford to pay a higher Royalty to you the Author, Royalties of two or three times more than paper Publishing. You can negotiate your Royalty percentage in your first Book’s Publishing Agreement and once you have an established readership and a proven sales record you can negotiate an even higher Royalty for your next Book.

What if you want to Publish your Book in the traditional paper format? You can and I Mark Publishing Inc can do this for you. By the time you want to do this, you will have already established just how well your book has sold. This objective data will help weigh the financial risk of having your book traditionally paper Published and it will to determine just how many copies of your Book should be printed in the First Paper Published Edition. Remember Royalties for Paper Published Books will only pay the Author between 7 to 12% but that is still a lot of money.

What if you have already Published your Book yourself?. This is great as Electronically Publishing your Book will provide additional marketing opportunities to sell your Book. You may still have a number of those books available. I Mark Publishing Inc will help you sell them off its Website. You just tell the potential buyer that signed Hard Copies of your Book are available on the Synopsis/Author’s page for your book. You advertise the price for your Book and that your will need payment by a Postal Money Oder Only. List your mailing and/or e-mal address so they can order your Book directly from my. I Mark Publishing Inc will nt charge your anything for this courtesy.

What if someone wants to make a Movie out of my Book Movie? That is even better. Good stories are in great demand in Hollywood and for made for Television Movies. Scriptwriter’s and Move Producers can review your Book as it will be available for immediate delivery off the Website. If they like you Book, I Mark Publishing Inc will help negotiate such opportunities and help you get the best deal. I Mark Publishing Inc is a Worldwide Website which instantly exposes your Book to their Countries who also make movies.

How do I submit my Book for Publication? The required I Mark Publishing Inc format for your Book is in a regular 4.5 x 7 inch text sized page, single space and in 12 Pic font size, This size makes your Book easy yo read on any Electronic reader as there is no special Reader to buy. Submit your Book just the way you want it published on a Computer disk. It will not be edited as you are responsible for what you have written. The Publisher will convert your Book into its Electronic Text (I Book) and they will produce the popular Audio (A Book) format and have it on their Website in less than a month. This is right, you get two different forms of Publications for your Book. You will receive your first Royalty Check the month after your Book had been published on the Website.

The Electronic Publisher delivers your Book directly to the customer. It is completely downloadable from their Website and there are not shipping and handling cost or fees. It could not be any easier to sell your Books. If you check out some of the other books already in the “Library Page” of the I Mark Publishing Inc Website, you will be able to “click on” the Book’s Title and the information about the Book and the Author will come up for your to read. This will give you an idea of what you would like to say to a buyer who may want to receive a copy of your Book. You can also add your picture for the Back Cover.

The Cover design for your Book will appear in the Library page on the Website. You can design it yourself or the Publisher will help you create your Book’s Cover at no Charge.

You can promote and have fun marketing your own Book on Websites such as this, and on many of the popular personality Website pages. You have nothing to lose by letting the World know that they can get a copy of your Book you worked so hard to write. Do not put your Book in the bottom of your desk drawer, become a published Author today just as I did.

Colonel Jonathan B. Longwood.

I have already Published three Books, SOFT TOUCH, PAGE OF DIAMONDS and BACK TO GRANVILLE. My next Book BLACKMOON RISING is scheduled for Publication the end of July 2011. Check them out on the Library Page of

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