Blues music is one of the earliest forms of music and it has remained to be popular even after several decades. Aside from the popularity of the genre itself, they have made a huge impact on the music scene. To learn what big of an impact it has on today’s music and to help beginning blues guitar students, read more below to find out.

Introduction of Scream to Rock N RollĀ

Rock music of today is characterized by its use of screaming vocals. But little do most people know that it was actually a technique adapted from blues songs. This is one reason why rock music has been the choice of genre for most kids these days and there are several variations to this genre, including punk, hard core, metal, and modern rock. The harshness in the vocals and the voice displayed through the song is inspired by raw emotion. The use of such emotions was inspired by blues music and history even supports the idea that it served as the blueprint for the blues genre, allowing it to sustain its success throughout the years.

Chromatic Bending of Notes

The process of bending notes chromatically is a distinctive style found in blues music. Over the years, this style was adapted as a tactic for mainstream guitar music. This particular technique begins with a consonant low note until it reaches the highest point and starts to bend the note. This particular feature in a music helps to fill the music with more energy. Aside from blues, this style is also evident in jazz music, which is a kinship of the blues. It was first popularized by blues vocal artists until it became commonplace in funk, rock, and soul vocals.

Emotionally Powered Performance

Blues singers are best known for delivering emotionally fueled performance, mainly due to the theme and lyrics of the song itself. Today, people can enjoy more emotionally driven performances and is something that modern music should give blues some credit for. Early 20th century blues artists look like possessed individuals once they go up on stage as they feel every bit of emotion in a song. Whatever that emotion is – rage, happiness, depression, anxiety – helps to tell that emotion via a story, which uses the song as its medium.

Blues & Soul

Blues is one of the most fascinating genres of music in the industry. Aside from its rich history, this is the choice of music for people who wanted to express their feelings through music. The essence of this music is to share the experiences and diversity of human life. The use of raw and uncensored emotion makes it an avenue for expanding your creativity. The contemporary music produced by some of today’s artists now have more soul element into them than ever before. This also helps to provide more longevity into your music and make it easier for people to relate to, which is really what music is all about.

Remember these important points when you undergo beginning blues guitar lessons. It will help your music achieve longevity and create more impact with your listeners.

Want to become a legendary blues guitarist?

Becoming a great blues guitar player is not an easy ordeal. It takes time and patience! When beginning blues guitar [] there are many methods to help you learn. Learn the tricks and techniques used by the classic bluesmen.

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