Australia greatly recognizes that it contributes a considerable amount to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The country is also concerned that it is very much exposed to the harmful effects of climate change. This is why its government is undertaking countless projects to help keep its emissions to a minimum. Power companies like Integral Energy, AGL, Synergy, Powerdirect and other retailers have joined in supporting the country in its environmental initiatives. An enormous part of their efforts is dedicated to energy efficiency programs.

Being smart about using energy-efficient systems benefits both people and environment, since they will not only keep your bills lower, but also decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Becoming energy efficient means you consume less power and helps your electrical equipment last longer due to reduced operating life.

With the help of the government, electric and gas retailers offer more economical and productive energy provision schemes to homes and businesses. Rebates are also offered to consumers who choose certain plans that support energy efficiency and sustainable power projects.

One program that’s being tested with selected power companies and consumers is using smart electricity grids. With this endeavor, they aim to mainly improve electricity reliability and allow consumers to manage their electricity consumption. They plan to also effectively integrate into this program the use of renewable energy.

Most of the big retailers like Australia Electricity & Gas, Integral Energy and AGL use a lot of their resources to also promote both simple and innovative types of measures to conserve energy. In addition to educating homes and individuals about energy efficiency, they’re also urging businesses to join in the advocacy.

Both small- and large-scale businesses can make a big difference in conserving energy in Australia. Every office consumes power and whatever amount of power they can save is a fraction less from the total emissions in the country. All businesses in the country are encouraged to contribute to having a more sustainable environment by making simple changes and observing basic guidelines in saving power.

Observing simple measures of energy conservation in office equipment, such as PCs, photocopying and fax machines, and air conditioning systems, can contribute greatly to the country’s environmental campaign. For instance, a desktop computer that’s used for 8 hours a day can generate more than 600 kilograms of greenhouse gases per year. It would make a significant effect if employees in Australia’s offices would turn off their monitor if they know that they’ll be away for a meeting that would last for about an hour or so.

These are just the primary tasks that Australia is constantly doing to lessen their greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the effects of climate change. Its government and private sectors, including the major power companies like Integral Energy, Synergy, AGL and Australia Electricity & Gas, are doing a host of other important projects and conducting more research to know what other steps could help them in their cause.

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