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Writing a proposal is a daunting task. Each funder provides specific guidelines to ensure that funds are to be used for meaningful causes. Grant is a financial aid provided by the government, foundations, individuals, and charitable institutions to cater to the needs of various underprivileged people or groups of people. It is a funding opportunity that has no interest and does not require payment. Proposals, however, should be submitted on or before the specified date for assessment. Apart from charitable organizations and educational facilities, financial aid may also be awarded to established non-profit organizations. These are affiliated groups that provide services to uphold the lives of less fortunate individuals from targeted communities. Among their tasks include:

– Meeting the needs of state or private sector

– Assisting the government in achieving developmental objectives

– Devoting time, skills, and expertise to vulnerable groups

– Providing trainings and/or services among less privileged individuals to uphold their roles in the community

Each year, hundreds of grant applications are submitted to different governmental agencies and private foundations. So, it is equally important to establish a positive impression not only to obtain financial assistance and capture potential funders’ attention, but also establish its impact on the community. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to accomplish a winning proposal. Grant writing is now made easy with these helpful tips:

– Read and understand the funding opportunity announcement (FOA)

– Identify the needs of your community

– Establish/formulate a specific plan

– Emphasize significant points of the project

– Set realistic goals and objectives

– Specify and elaborate methodology and program designs

– Discuss who would benefit from the project

– Provide a detailed information about the organization

– Include financial information and itemized budget plan.

A proposal has different sections. Each is equally important not only to achieve optimal success, but also to establish credibility, particularly in addressing individual and/or organizations’ needs.

– Executive Summary. A well-written abstract entails significant details that convince reviewers. It has to relate reports and facts, concise analysis, and conclusion that give readers a glimpse of the project.

– Need Assessment. This part explains the importance of the request. It defines good project ideas, techniques, and potential risks to establish priorities for future actions.

– Goals and Objectives. It is significant to identify the goals and objectives of your request so as not only to communicate the overall purpose of an organization but also to suggest helpful steps and/or plans.

– Methods, Strategies, and Program Design. While goals and objectives provide the importance of your request, program designs and strategies convey best practices necessary in achieving the purpose of the proposed project.

– Budget Plan. It is considered as one of the most important sections because it provides a detailed budget requirement and justification to ensure that financial aid is to be used for its intended purpose.

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