If you’re already in the process of studying an English Literature Masters Course, then you’ll be well aware of the new knowledge and skills that you’ll learn, and the benefits that having an MA can bring. If you’re not convinced why you should study English Literature, or stay at university after you’ve completed your degree, then, this is what you need to know.  Balinesecatbreeders.com

1. You’ll have the time and inclination to be able to study the classic authors that you haven’t got round to reading yet. Or, perhaps you’ve read few books by Shakespeare, Chaucer, Wilde, or Dickens, and want to read more, or want to know how and why these authors are still important and influential today.

2. You’ll need to read the some of most important books of all time. From the works of Shakespeare and Dickens to some of the more modern classics. If reading is your thing, then surely you’ll want to know more about these books and characters.

3. Because not many of us will live through times of great change, literature can prove to be a fantastic insight into what was going on at the time. What would life have been like for the average person in Victorian, or medieval England, or during the wars?

4. Perhaps you’re also interested in the evolution of language, and want to discover more about how events and discoveries have affected language and literature. You’re sure to learn lots about language too.

5. Maybe you’re interested in books written in English from around the world. How do people in different English-speaking countries use or perceive literature, or use language in different ways?

6. Modern English literature is often not given as much importance as its predecessors. Perhaps you want to know why, or will have some ideas of your own as to which authors of today will be still be relevant in 2 or 300 years time.

7. Up until the 20th century, there was little in the form of entertainment for the average person, so reading may well have played a large part in the lives of many. Where you inspired to read because there was nothing much else to do, or because you loved the books and the characters?

8. Feminism is also an important aspect, and has been written about extensively from both sides. Maybe you want to know in much more detail how the empowerment of women and equal rights have made things better for women today.

9. Perhaps you’re interested in whether books and literature still have an important role to play in the modern world. Today people can easily converse around the world, and video and TV mean that events can be seen happening almost live and in real time, and computers are widely replacing the pen and paper. Is there still a time and place for authors and publishers? Will people prefer to read fiction on their phones, or classic literature on their laptops, or will bookshops keep going?

10. Having an English Literature Masters is likely to provide you with good job prospects, as shows ability and dedication for research and learning, and the ability to work unsupervised. Why not see if you can combine your love of literature with increasing your job prospects?

Now you know more about some of the points likely to be covered, perhaps now is the time for you to study an English Literature Masters.

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