The long awaited promise of high-quality, fast-loading web video has finally arrived. And with it, comes enormous opportunity. The more I think about it, the more opportunity I see.

I’m not saying you’ll get rich overnight with these ideas, but it is possible to create multiple, passive income streams using these web video business models. So, here are the top 12 ways you can start profiting from web video today…

1. Upload Your Video to Ad Revenue Sharing Sites

YouTube is the big daddy of user-submitted video web sites. With 35,000+ video submissions each day, their daily traffic places them in the top thirty most visited sites on the web.

YouTube is the leader, but they are not alone. There are dozens (if not more) copycats trying to break into the online video sharing market.

I’m still not sure what their business model is (rumor has it, they’re not too sure, either). It costs them a small fortune to serve video to millions of people each day, and most venture capitalists don’t enjoy seeing their money disappear into the ether.

A likely scenario is that sooner or later, in order to stay afloat, they will have to invite advertisers to help foot the bill. If so, they won’t be the first to give the ad-supported business model a try.

That honor, goes to…

“Revver connects creators, viewers, and advertisers in a sponsorship marketplace for online video, taking full advantage of the open flow of information on the Internet, rather than trying to fight it. Revver provides all the tools you need to distribute your original work online and earn money. Revver strives to support free and accessible videos online and still reward creators.”

Here’s how Revver works…

1. You upload your video to Revver.

2. They attach a brief, unobtrusive ad at the end of the video.

3. People watch your video at, or on other sites where people have embedded your video.

4. If someone views your video and clicks on your ad at the end, Revver deposits a portion of the click-through value into your account.

5. You then track your video’s performance through your Revver account (e.g., how many times your video has been seen, and how much money you’ve earned).

6. Eventually, they send you money.

If you can consistently create and upload videos, this can be a good strategy for developing a long-term, passive income stream. Other sites that offer revenue sharing similar to Revver include Blip.TV and

2. Place Affiliate Links in Your Videos

People come to your site to watch your video. You have their attention. Then what happens when the video is over? Re-direct them to an affiliate partner who sells what you covered in your video!

For example, if your video is about:

* Powerdrills… send them to an online hardware store.

* A newly released book or DVD… send them to

* An exciting vacation location… send them to

…just be sure to do it with an affiliate link so you earn a commission if a sale results.

This is easy to do with The Web Video Player™ (available at [] ). Just put your affiliate link in the End of Movie URL” field, and use one of the “Click Here for More Info” buttons available in the player image gallery. Viewers who click on the closing graphic will be taken to the URL you specify.

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