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People often assume they are being positive because they focus on what they want for periods of time during the day, but how much of their day is spent being positive versus being negative?

Being negative dies not have to mean that you’re a pessimistic person or that you’re severely depressed. Negative self talk often happens so quickly that by the time you realize you’re being negative, you’ve had a plethora if negative conversations in your head that invite more negative people, circumstances and events into your life.

Negative thinking is a habit – probably one of the most detrimental habits you are likely engage in. Negative thinking includes small examples, such as:
– opening an email from a person who is driving you crazy at work & thinking “she’s so annoying”
– collecting the mail & thinking “I’m not going to open it now because I know it’s a bill I can’t pay”
– being cut off in traffic and thinking “what an idiot that driver is – he almost killed me”
– running late for work and thinking “I’m hopeless, I’m never on time”
– getting upset with your kids/friend/partner/family member/colleague (with reason) and thinking “I should never have spoken up – now they’ll hate me”

… And the list goes on…
You can see how quickly negative thinking can affect your life and therefore influence what you attract into your life.

The crazy thing about negative thinking is somewhere underneath the negative thinking is a belief that states “if I think hard enough about what’s wrong – something will change”. However, this goes against all the natural laws of the Universe – sick as the law of attraction. This habit and belief are, unfortunately, very well ingrained, so it takes effort to be VERY mindful of all the little negative thoughts that pass through your mind and the start to concert then into positive thinking.

A great way to start doing this is to take a leaf out of Loiuse Hay’s book. She tells herself a very simple mantra “only good things lay before me”. This mantra gives you a different focus – when practiced regularly. For instance, if you believe only good things lay before you and during the day someone cuts you off in traffic – instead of thinking “he almost killed me”, you can think “maybe that happened to wake me up and remind me to pay attention”. Similarly if you receive a bill, instead of thinking “I can’t pay this”, you’ll start to think “I always find a way to pay things so I can handle any bill I receive”. By the way… This is very true of bills. Often people stress a lot about bills coming in, however, once the shock subsides, they find a way to pay it.

Small negative self talk, leads to larger negative self talk. This negative language infects your life and prevents you from living a full and happy life.

Start with small changes. Be mindful today of the things you’re saying to yourself and to others. Start to tell yourself a positive mantra and trust that the Universe will bring you what you desire – when its right for you.

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