Need to change your Wi-Fi password? Maybe you didn’t alternate the default password while you set up your router and need to set it to something greater at ease. Or possibly you entered the wrong Wi-Fi password on your laptop while you attempted to connect to your community earlier.

Whatever your situation, we’ll display you the way to change your Wi-Fi password in Windows 10.

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Password Using Windows 10
If you are trying to alternate your Wi-Fi password in Windows, you possibly want to accomplish one in all tasks. One is really converting your router’s Wi-Fi network password that all devices use to attach. The different is converting the Wi-Fi password that Windows has saved in your network.

We’ll cover those in turn, searching at the previous situation first.

There are numerous desirable motives for converting your Wi-Fi password. Perhaps you’ve got used a weak password in the beyond and need to make it some thing stronger. Maybe someone you no longer agree with has the password and also you do not want them to get entry to your network. Whatever the case, it best takes some moments to alternate your Wi-Fi network password.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address
When you need to exchange your Wi-Fi password, you will want to log into your router and make the adjustment there. To do so, you will want to recognise its IP address.

The easiest way to discover that is through right-clicking the Start button and choosing Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell. There, type the ipconfig command, and you’ll see a list of statistics.

Your router’s IP deal with is listed next to Default Gateway. It’s generally some thing like or similar.

Router IP Address Windows CMD
How to Change the Wi-Fi Password on Your Router
Now, input this IP cope with into the cope with bar to your browser, then you’ll need to log into your router. This router administrator password is exclusive than what you operate to connect gadgets in your network. If you have not changed it, it is probable something typical like password or admin.

A quick Google search for your router’s version number will help you determine out the default password. Because of this, you must trade the router password without delay in an effort to make your wireless community extra comfy.

Once you’ve got logged in, the exact instructions for converting your Wi-Fi password will depend upon your router model. Generally, you may search for a phase like Wireless or WLAN. This must have the option to exchange your network password, amongst other capabilities.

TP Link Change SSID Password
Note that after you change your Wi-Fi password, you may want to go into the brand new password once more on all of your devices to reconnect them. Nothing will join properly till you enter the updated password.

While you’re right here, why no longer pick a brand new humorous Wi-Fi name (called its SSID) to give your friends a laugh? You’ll ought to reconnect all your devices the usage of the new network call, however it may be amusing if you’ve used the widely wide-spread default call until now.

How to Change the Saved Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10
Now we circulate to the second scenario: converting the Wi-Fi password that Windows 10 has saved for your device. This lets you restoration your Wi-Fi password if you mistyped it in advance. Or if you’ve simply changed your Wi-Fi password and want to enter the brand new one, you could achieve this by following this approach.

One clean way to change your Wi-Fi password for Windows in this manner is thru the identical menu which you use to view your Wi-Fi password. By heading to the Network and Sharing Center and viewing your password, you could change what is saved as long as you have got admin rights in your computer.

As stated in that guide, changing this discipline updates the password that Windows uses to connect to your Wi-Fi network. After getting into your new password right here, you must be able to connect nicely.

Windows Show Network Password
If you do not need to apply this technique, you may additionally trade the stored password by disposing of the network out of your computer and reconnecting with the brand new password. To try this, head to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. Click on Manage recognised networks to show all the Wi-Fi networks that your pc has linked to.

Now, pick out the community you want to alternate the password for and click Forget to erase it out of your gadget. After this, click on the community icon in your System Tray, select your community name once more, and reconnect by getting into the brand new password.

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